October 24th, 2005

holy manatee

Retarded Printer

So just before all my papers and midterms are due, my printer decides to go on strike. Where on campus (or close to campus) can I email myself something and print it out with minimal hassle/cost?
hugh laurie
  • aurens

digital voice recorder

i would like to buy a digital voice recorder so i can tape and save lectures on my computer. i have a cassett one right now but one cassett can tape up to two lectures per tape. could someone please recommend a model? i've read through some of Amazon's ratings and i am tempted to buy

--Olympus VN-480 Digital Voice Recorder
--Olympus VN-960PC 128 MB Digital Voice Recorder with PC Link
--iAudio I5-1024BL 1 GB MP3 Player with FM and Voice Recorder Black
--Creative MuVo Micro N200 256 MB MP3 Player Light Blue

ok enough reading reviews. i'm getting dizzy.
hugh laurie
  • aurens

Tango Club

for anyone interested in learning Tango, practicing Tango, please contact
degrees dot measure dot tempo at gmail dot com

right now, we don't have enough students to start an offical club but definitely enough people to practice and go out dancing with. i would like to get a group started so we can all go to Portland for Valentango.
  • braaw

another library question

I returned an item which the library has not taken off my record. I gave them a day or two and have gone to the circulation desk I checked the item out from and a guy there filled out a form, went to look for it on a shelf and that was that. Several weeks later, the item is still on my record. I've kept renewing it to prevent any fines or blocks on my record, but now the item has a hold on it and will need to be returned.

What should I do - besides following up with the library? Is their a "claims returned" procedure like at other libraries have?

Thanks, in advance.
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