October 19th, 2005

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I've got two completely unrelated questions for the good students of UW:

1/ I thought all espresso machines on campus were automated until I went to Suzzallo and had a noticably better latte from a real machine. My question then is such: which espresso bars on campus use manual espresso machines? It's worth going out of my way for.

2/ I just registered for Napster and it seems a little too good to be true...is everything really free? Or is it all getting added to my tuition bill or something? I want to know before I go too crazy.

Thanks in advance!
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Want a fish?

Hey. I'm in the mood to sell a fish tank to a student. It's actually more of a kit, really; a 2.5 gallon tank, a 25w heater for it, gravel plus fake plant, and fish- $30. The tank is $12 by itself, the heater  $15, the plant and gravel another $10  and the fish $5 (it's a green female betta). I'd like to thin out the amount of fish and tanks I have but I've invested so much in them I can't afford to give things away. And this way, you start out with everything you need (because I'll throw in some food for her) except water dechlorinator (Which is A MUST_BUY_ITEM because they can't live in water without it). I know someone out there wants a fish- the tank it perfect dorm size (and much better than those bowl-of-death things everyone perpetuates in buying)...so. Leave me a comment and we'll arrange something.

hold a class for me...pleeease?

Are any Graduating Seniors or others with priority registration status that are also Poli Sci or Com majors willing to hold a spot in Mass Media Law (winter quarter) for me until Period 2? (I'm willing to reciprocate the offer if I can) As an LSJ major I'm getting screwed this time around for registration, even though I have priority registration...any help or leads to someone who could help me (I talked to three advisors about it today, so don't tell me to talk to those in charge, they aren't helpful at all.) Thanks.
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So, I find it hard to believe that the only place to take the GRE in the area is Mountlake Terrace, yet that's what the ETS website has listed. Someone know elsewise? Is it only there for computerized, and paper elsewhere? This is just one more headache that I really don't need right now... (of course, it's one I'd rather have than trying to write this paper, but that's a story of procrastination gone bad...)


Looking for: a roommate (or 2).
Where: The U-district, near the UW (w/in at least a 15 min. walking distance).
When: around January.

-I have a small dog (15 lbs.)
-I'm 21/female
-Social Work premajor (will apply to the actual School of Social Work for fall '06).
-I smoke (but would be more than willing to keep it outside only).
-We could split DSL/cable/whatever.

I haven't found a place yet, but if anyone on here is going to be looking for a roommate around then, or if you know someone who will be looking for a roommate, let me know by commenting on here, or emailing me at p0nderingmylife@yahoo.com


~Whitney =)