October 17th, 2005

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Free Copies?

I had heard a rumor that there was somewhere in the Health Sciences Library that you can make free photocopies with scrap (or recycled?) paper. Anyone know about this? Thank you!
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Hey, rather a weird request here, but I'm sort of out of other options at this point.

I came down with a case of strep throat at the beginning of last week and haven't been able to go to my classes. If anyone on the internet has one of my classes, I'd appreciate being filled in on what's been going on.

I've got ECON 200, MATH 126, and LING 200.

Thanks in advance -- I'm on AIM at Raventhon.

Lost Husky Card saga continues...

Sorry I'm bombarding the community with posts about this, but:
I just got an e-mail from a restaurant downtown and they found my Husky Card. The problem is, I just went and got a replacement card this morning (and was charged $30 for that). Do you think the ID office would possibly condescend to take it back since I've hardly even used this new card? Not to mention the fact that it doesn't seem to work (i.e. let me into my building)?

Edit: Thanks for everyone's help. I decided to bug the ID Center about it and they agreed to grace the charges if I brought them my old card and a copy of the correspondence with the person who found my card. So, I guess, for future reference...

Upcoming comedy & music @ UW

Upcoming events at University of Washington:

+ Christian Finnegan (Chappelle Show, Best Week Ever) & Bill Burr (Chappelle Show, Comedy Central)
Tuesday, October 18th (tomorrow!)
HUB auditorium, UW campus, 8 pm.
$8 w/ UW ID, $12 general public @ TicketsWest

+ O.A.R. w/ guest As Fast As
Monday, October 31st
HUB Ballroom, UW campus, 6 pm doors.
$12 w/ UW ID, $26.50 general public @ TicketsWest

Hope to see some of you there!

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Are there any groups on LJ for, say, physics or math or bio or english or (etc etc) specifically for the uw? I know the cs department has one, but I don't know of any others.
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denny field

Anybody know what is going on out there right now (11:15 pm.)? I'll just assumme it's the Greeks, but just curious. They're being ridiculously loud.

Also, does Denny Field have "hours"? Seems like it would make sense for it to since it's right by a residence hall that coincidentally is the quiet hall?
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