October 13th, 2005

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Okay, I'm trying to start a bridge club meeting type thing. We're currently playing on Tuesdays at around 5 or 5:30 and goes until 9-ish (though I'd be willing to stay after to play something like hearts or canasta). Currently, we play in the U-district or somewhere close to there, and somewhere in the middle of playing we take a dinner break (if we're not somewhere like Beth's already). Open to suggestions for other places to play. Currently we've got two teams, I believe we're using standard american, though may soon poke at 2 over 1. If you're interested in joining us and/or learning how to play, please email me @ trismi at gmail.com. Since it's a partner game, it would be nice if you could bring another person who would play regularly with you, though we'd figure something out if you don't have someone to partner with.

Bridge is that game in the newspaper column that's always next to the chess games. It's a trick based, trump, 4 player partner game. If you don't know what trick based or trump means, but still want to learn, we'd be happy to teach you :)
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Seattle, WA "Kamikaze Girls" showing

Shimotsuma Monogatari/Kamikaze Girls

Varsity Theatre
4329 University Way N.E.
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 781-5755

Saturday, Oct 15th


Kamikaze Girls is the latest pop-culture phenomenon to take Japan by storm. It began as a best-selling novel, "Shimotsuma Story"(English Title, "Kamikaze Girls"), by cult writer Novala Takemoto, whose empathy with social outsiders and decadent fashion sense has helped cultivate a devoted following among young women, particularly those in the "Lolita" fashion scene.

Momoko yearns to live in 18-century Versailles than in her back-country hometown of Shimotsuma, heartland of the yakuza. To escape, she loses herself in the dreamy, doll-like fashions of the "Lolita" scene. Her idol is Akinori Isobe, chief designer of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright—her favorite Lolita design hose. She travels all the way to Tokyo to shop at their store.

One languid summer, to help fund her expensive hobby, Momoko runs a classified ad of brand-name knock-off clothes (produced by her dad) for sale. She encounters a buyer named Ichiko, who happens to live in her neighborhood.

Super-rebel Ichiko is a "Yankee"-style member of the Ponytails motorbike gang, one of Ibaraki's "Wild speed tribes," whose teeth-rattling customized bikes are decked out with fiberglass shields and bannered backrests.

Somewhat against Momoko’s will, she and Ichiko slowly develop a strong friendship as they share their feelings on the odd goings-ons around them.

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This is some research that I'm doing, so humor me.

Poll #590101 How loud do you listen to your iPod?

What volume is your iPod usually at?

One-fourth of the maximum.
Halfway to the maximum.
Three-fourths of the maximum.
All the way.

How much time every day do you spend listening to your iPod?

Less than an hour.
About an hour.
Between one and two hours.
Over two hours.