October 11th, 2005

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missing man in the u-district

Today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer has an article about a man who is missing from an Auburn group home for disabled people and was last seen in the U-Dist on Saturday. Those who have seen him are asked to call 911. He apparently stands out because he doesn't move his arms when he walks... read below...

Missing disabled man is seen in U District


A developmentally disabled man missing from a Seattle Mental Health group home in Auburn for nearly a week was last spotted at a bus stop near Northeast Campus Parkway and Brooklyn Avenue Northeast in Seattle's University District, Auburn police said Monday.

William Anthony "Bill" Rosene, 55, was discovered missing from Chartley House Wednesday. He was spotted in the U District Saturday.

Rosene's mother, Mariateresa Herrera of Seattle, said her son has the mental capacity of a 12- or 13-year-old and needs medication twice a day.

"He is about 6 feet tall, has salt-and-pepper hair and a large stomach that sticks out," she said, "and when he walks, he never moves his arms."

Auburn police spokesman Bill Pierson said anyone with information is urged to call Auburn police at 253-931-3080 if Rosene is spotted in that city or 911 if he is seen elsewhere.

Original article is here.

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Does anyone know when winter quarter classes should be posted? I know it's hella early, but I'm taking a quarter off right now to do a directing project, and I miss UW. Need something to obsess over.

Also, does any one know when the listings for summer abroad classes are posted? I know it varies a bit, by department. But any ideas on when I can be expecting this? Fall? Winter? Spring?

Memorial for Tony Qamar to be held Tuesday, Oct. 11

(from uwnews.org)

Friends, family and colleagues of Anthony Qamar, UW professor of Earth and Space Sciences, will gather in a special memorial service at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11, in 120 Kane, with a reception to follow in Kane's Walker-Ames Room.

Qamar was killed in a car accident near Hoquiam, Wash., on Tuesday, while traveling with seismologist Dan Johnson of the University of Puget Sound.

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i'm going to be visiting uw this friday, but i'd like to ask this here..
i am very interested in art and i'm hoping to major in photography.
does anyone have experience with the art/photo department that could tell me what they think about it ?

for a while i was only looking into art schools.. but an art school doesn't offer a few other things that i'd like to pursue in.. but i still want to go to a school with excellent arts.
and does uw by any chance have archery ?

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How to Make the UW Undergraduate Experience Better

Hey all,
I'm involved in one of the committees meeting to discuss how to make the UW Undergraduate Experience better. I'm technically talking to the librarians, but they also want to hear non-library issues as well, since the person running our 4-person meetings is on the general committee as well.

If any of you have comments or suggestions, feel free to send them my way, and I will pass them on.
I'm sure you must have something. Academics, Libraries, Activities, Research, Services, Scholarships, etc.
They'll also be looking at different areas, including: Pre-Matriculation, Post-Graduation, Transfers, Selection of Majors, etc etc.

But yeah, feel free to leave some comments.
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Where did all the UW livejournal community trolls go? I haven't sen a good "that word actually means blah blah blah you retared moron" or "I'd accept your POV IF you could learn to properly punctuate your posts" entries in a while.