October 9th, 2005

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Ok! This is to everyone who is interested in the knitting/crocheting/more fun stuff with yarn club-thing. We will meet on Monday at 12:30 and Friday at 3:00 at Suzzallo cafe for now, I'll try to be near the front. I'll be there if no one else is - I'll be the one doing yarn-stuff.

Yay! Plus, this schedule is pretty flexible. If we find we want to meet at another or a different time and place, we can always figure something out.

Hope to see you all there!
Sun Bear

Haste makes waste.

The IMA closed its pool between summer and fall quarters to undergo preventative maintenance. They finished at least several days before they said they would and then opened the pool early.

Now the pool is closed again because something critical actually broke. I love how the preventative maintenance lasted under a month.