September 29th, 2005


Scooters/Small motorcycles

I'm trying to gauge interest in a campus scooter club, or perhaps find out if one already exists. I'm interested in going on rides, bitching about how there's not enough cycle parking, I dunno. Good times all around! Anyone up for that?
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(no subject)

Is there a page of statistics about how many students declare which majors and when for the UW? In my defense, I tried googling the site but it came up with too much about declaring yourself a statistics major, and thought someone else might already know.
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Is there a microwave somewhere in the HUB (or elsewhere in the Engineering Department neighborhood) where I can nuke my lunch? I looked around the HUB but couldn't find one.

Edit: Thanks, everyone.
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Travel discounts to EWA?

Are there any discounts with UPASS to go over towards Eastern Washington? Specifically, Pullman? Or is there any rideshare or carpool type website avaliable? Or any organized transportation at all (besides the grain train). Thanks!

practice rooms

hey, are non-music majors allowed to use the practice rooms in the music building? Also, are there any other places on campus with a piano aside from the residence halls? (I live off campus) Thanks!
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Chem 110 QUIZ?!

Anyone's that got Rathod for there going to be a quiz tomorrow?!?! I looked at the syllabus and it says there's a quiz every Friday..but does tomorrow count too even though we've been only in class once?

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(no subject)

I'm taking Management 200: Intro to Law with Hugh Judd, and I'm kind of worried. It seems really tough, and since I don't really need this particular class I don't know if it's worth taking. The only problem is I can't really find any other classes to take in place of it.

Has anyone taken this class? Is it really that hard or am I just intimidated?

Oh, I found another class that I might be interested in. Has anyone ever taken the online course of Ocean 102: the Changing Oceans and what do you think of that?
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Credit checks

Tangentally UW related:

does anybody know how long a credit check takes on average? Also, what kind of information is considered most important by those checking your credit history (e.g., bankruptcies, bounced checks, collection agencies, etc.)?

I am worried. I recall having a bounced check in the past (thank you, younger brother in need of a present for his girlfriend... -sigh-), will this screw me over?

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