September 27th, 2005

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Has anyone had any good, stable success with using LimeWire (or any other P2P) in the residence halls? I got on a few days ago and was able to get some decent download speeds, but it hasn't let me on since, even during off-peak times (or what I would assume to be off-peak times--around 3am). I understand them *limiting* such programs, but blocking them entirely is a bit extreme.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Hello I am looking for some UW related stuff:

If you have any couches that you are willing to give, I will pick up hassle-free. Also little tables, big tables, foosball table, ping pong table, pretty much whatever table you have, three legged tables are cool to, I like to invoke the spirit of homework from time to time.

Yea i say this is UW related just because I live right around greek row, and I have parties at my house with some UW students. So help out some students in need who only have my hard concrete floor to pass out on.

MATH 125

I have a dilemma. I purposely avoided professor Oh for MATH 125 because I'd heard such horrible things about him. My whole schedule, including my work schedule, was pretty much set in stone. Then I checked myuw this morning, and Novick, who was who I was signed up for, switched times at last minute with professor Oh! Is he has bad as I've heard? Are his tests hard? I'm willing to do a lot of independent study and tutoring to get around bad lecturing if the tests are easy enough.

*edit: Another alternative is Zhang. If anyone has had him, I'd apprciate input. I dont have the energy to deal with a bad calc professor this quarter!
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School starts tomorrow! Yayer! Anyone else feel the excitement buzzing around in the air? I'm just looking forward to doing something new finally, since I spent my whole summer working.. now my time will be full of reading books, oh the joys of textbooks. Here we go again..
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physics text book

I have for sale the mastering physics textbook and solutions manual and the access kit it comes with, used for physics 121, 122, and 123. I'm looking to sell for $75 or best offer for the lot of them.

ATM S 101

I know this may be a little late but I'll give it another go:

I have Essentials of Meteorology by Ahrens in like-new condition! There are absolutely no highlights or marks. Current condition is pracically the same as when I bought it with normal wear.

U Bookstore New: $92.50
U Bookstore Used: $69.40
My Price: $45.00

email me at apio5@u.wash... or leave a comment. p.s. I've posted on asuw also :)
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Question about Accounting

Has anyone taken accounting 215??? If so, is it hard? I took accounting at my Community College and failed miserably but I need to take this one in order to do my business minor. Im debating wether I want to take accounting or macro econ this quarter. Any suggestions?? Thanks a bunch!