September 26th, 2005

hugh laurie
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lost frumpy, gray, wool hat

has anyone seen an orphaned hat, gray and frumpy, around U-district? i lost the poor thing probably on my way to the swing dance at the HUB. i also may have lost it at the HUB. the little wool hat like to sit on my head and keep me warm. i've traced my steps on Saturday morning to no avail.

so please kind strangers, if you see my little hat, send it home swiftly. :-(

Computing at the UW and You

Hi folks. Derek, your friendly moderator, here. Now that everyone is all moved into dorms and Autumn Quarter is getting closer and closer, it's high time most of the common computer questions asked on this community were put to rest. As I have a slight bit of experience with computers and dorm rooms (full disclosure: I am getting too old and have been here far too long), I thought I would take the time to whip up a bit of an FAQ on UW computing resources and the students who love them.

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Need a job?

Hey. Matt's Gourmet Hot Dogs on the corner of Brooklyn &45th (next to the Neptune) is hiring someone to wear a hot dog suit during lunch hours and attract customers. If you feel like being a giant wiener, you should go down and apply! The pay is between $7.35 and $10 an hour.

As a side, shameless promotion, the hot dogs are pretty decent there, and yes, there is a vegitarian option :P
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Since I might have pimped this one out a bit early (2-3 weeks before anyone was even on campus), it might be a good time to repost this on the UW community:


You've undoubtably seen something like it before elsewhere (various campus papers, Facebook, etc), but it works like this: if you see someone on campus, you post in this community and, if they see it and recognize your no-doubt brilliant description of them, they'll post back.
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my fandom shoots first

If you remember any of my previous posts, you'll remember that I'm a lowly, lonely out-of-state freshman with no geek friends at the UW. So I thought it would be nifty (at least for me) if there was a group that would get together and go see Serenity sometime after it opens, perhaps even on the first day. Or if there was someone who would let me glom onto someone else's group. Because I'm dying to see the movie but have no one to go with because all the Firefly fans on campus must be hiding from me.

Come on, someone out there must have a soft spot for Portlander strays. ;)
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Anyone try Verizon DSL? I am sick of comcast and its quite pricey. I only need to get on the internet to check email, chat, and surf livejournal. Other than that, its not a high priority. Any information would be appreciated.