September 25th, 2005

computer crapped out!

okay so this probably isn't uw related, but i really need help asap!

my two year old dell inspiron 5100, until recently, was running alright. yesterday it started to go really slowly and when i called dell (after waiting to talk to someone for like a half hour) the guy had me run some checks and turns out my hard drive is completely corrupt. GREAT!

so, my question is should i just take the man's advice and take my computer to comp usa and have them put a fitting 40gb hard drive in it for like $150 and take my chances or should i just go get a mac? if anyone has had this happen or could give me some quick advice that would be so WONDERFUL!!

University Question

I'm not sure if this is just a Seattle-campus community, but I figured I'd post this here, too:

I am planning to transfer to Washington for the winter quarter. I've been in school for four(?) years and have over 90 credits. The Interdisciplinary BA's at UW-Bothell and UW-Tacoma seem perfect. Do you have any comments about those programs or schools? Are they hard to get into? Any advice about moving to the area would be great, too--I've been looking on craigslist, but I don't know anything about the neighborhoods or how far anything is from anything (I live in Arizona right now).


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Studying Abroad?

Does anyone have anything to say about the creative writing program that the english department offers in Rome during the summer? I'm going to be studying abroad in London spring quarter, but I'm looking to get a broader sense of Europe so extending my stay and traveling elsewhere might be a good idea. I'm a writer, and goodness knows I love Italy.

However! My roommate went on a different Rome trip this summer. She ran into some of the creative writing students, and she tells me that they hated the program. Apparently, too much was demanded of them, to a point where they could not enjoy their surroundings at all. Classes were held all day, and their assignments had them writing in the evenings. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me?

Alternatively, does anyone know of any good UW sponsored summer programs in Europe? Or maybe even elsewhere in the world (I say Europe since I'll already be in the UK come summer)? While I'm not afraid of being dropped off in the middle of a non-english speaking country, I would need a program with classes taught in english. Any subject matter is awesome.
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Room available at Sherwood Cooperative

In case anyone here is still looking for housing (or knows someone who is), the Sherwood Cooperative has one opening RIGHT NOW that we need to fill as soon as possible. Sherwood is a 14 member student-run, student-owned house. Each member has his or her own room and shares bathrooms, common spaces, and a big kitchen with everyone else. We also share vegetarian and vegan food, have nightly dinners together, and have a strong sense of community. It's a really fun, supportive place to live. The rent is approximately $450 per room, and the monthly total is about $600-$650 (including food, utilities, newspaper, DSL, etc).

Check out our Craigslist ad, which includes pictures:

Reply to this entry or email if you're interested.