September 19th, 2005

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I just thought I'd say something positive about HFS for once, because all I usually do is give them shit. I was scheduled for a move-in during Husky Band rehearsals, so I called and changed my time, and then I was scheduled to work during THAT time so I had to call and change my time again. And they were totally nice about it, and it was hella easy. Way to go, HFS. *two thumbs up*

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It's a "members only" sort of thing for many reasons...just a couple are that we don't think all topics of adult conversation are appropriate for younger ears and that some people have expressed that they wouldn't be as "open" in a public forum. For this reason you MUST be 18 or older and have your complete birthday listed in your profile to join.

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SOC 352: Family Textbooks...

So the textbooks for this class are sort of confusing. If you have taken this class before, the textbooks were probably the same. Anyway, I bought mine online and one came today and looks a little older than what I thought it would be online. The book is Love Between Equals: How Peer Marriage Really Works. The ISBN: 002 874 0610 and it was published in 1995. What was really perplexing is that some places the title is Love Between Equals: Peer Marriage. So I'm not sure what is the right title. I think its all the same book, just printed in different ways and thus the title is strange. If anyone has purchased this book, if they could explain what their copy looks like and how much it was. I feel like I bought the wrong edition. :(