September 16th, 2005

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South Lake Union Block Party
Today from 4-8 and tomorrow from 11-4

Come discover what makes South Lake Union so exciting!  You can groove at the music stage, admire artisans and their crafts, savor luscious food from local restaurants, celebrate in the beer and wine garden, entertain the kids, meet your neighbors... and join the fun!

Cost is free!  

Donations for Red Cross will be accepted for Hurricane Katrina.

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Yet another dorm question...

Alright can any one tell me (or direct me to a place with info) what the storage situation in Mercer Hall looks like? How much shelving is there in the rooms? What does wordrobe space look like? (shelves or just hanger rack?) Any under bed storage?

I'm not bringing a heck of a lot, but I want to get a grasp on how I might have it organized one I get there... just so I know closer to how I should organize it for packing.

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Anyone lookin' for a roommate in the U-district? I have a dog (he's small, 15 lbs), and I smoke but would do it outside. I'm lookin' for someone by the end of November sooner is better.
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I'm not finding the info I want online, so I thought I'd ask here.. if anyone is still poking around at this hour..

Can anyone tell me how to properly dispose of and store my oil-based primer (and I suppose my paint which I'll be using tomorrow)? I stuck the lid back on the can, I suppose that mess is good for now, hopefully it wont spontaneously combust or anything. But, I have left over primer sitting on my roller and the little paint-holder container thingy (geez I totally forget what its called at the moment..) You know, that thing you pour the paint into so that you can dip the roller into it..

I'm in the process of painting my once black desk to white.. and any info on how to properly dispose of my mess would be much appreciated! Or maybe tell me where I could find such info too..