September 15th, 2005

Sun Bear

IMA fitness classes

For those of you who have been in IMA-sponsored classes, what are they like and are they worth the money you spend?
I'm asking specifically about the beginning weight training (I don't know the first thing about lifting...) class and the swim conditioning class (I'm experienced there and enjoy it. How far do they swim, what is a typical day like, and how many people show up?).

Thanks all!
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(no subject)

Has anyone had "MICHAEL, F" for CHEM 237, or any other chemistry course? I looked in the course evaluation catalog and didn't find the name.

Currently, I'm in the evening section for CHEM 237 with Epiotis, whom I've heard good things about...but I'm considering switching to the morning section (with Michael) to accommodate a work schedule.

Also, if anyone is in CHIN 211, do you know what lesson in the "Integrated Chinese" text they start on? I vaguely remember that the instructor told me they were starting halfway through the text (or something like that) during the screening process.

Apartment for RENT ASAP 425plus elec.!

Anyone looking for a room in an apartment?

I'm moving out and I'm helping my roommate find a new tenant.
Its a 2bedroom spacious apartment in Lakeview apartments down by Peace Park. The rent is $425.50 plus 1/2 elecrticity. The room available is about 9x12 with one medium sized window and a good sized closet. Living room is very roomy with a couch and two chairs. There is a dining room table and the kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher, microwave and full-sized refridgerator and a stove/oven and several 'cooking made easy' appliances. The entry is secured and laundry is coin-op there is a parking lot for $60 and plenty of bike storage. The way it is for me is that I've just been mooching off of the wireless over here which has been stable since I moved in three weeks ago or you can buy a router and pay the existing roommate half of her internet bill.

The location is on 40th and 7th.
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Dawg Daze Lineup

Okay.. There have been a few questions about Dawg Daze posted here, so I grabbed an official flier for the Dawg Daze and here is the lineup for Monday, September 26th:

1:30 - Flingoctabob
2:00 - Endeavor
2:40 - Smoosh
3:20 - Lifesavas
4:15 - Harvey Danger
5:30 - Presidents of the United States of America

Also, at 6:30 and 9:00, the HUB will be showing Napolean Dynamite with an appearance from Efren Ramirez(Pedro)