September 12th, 2005

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pizza places

Does anyone remember the name of the pizza place/bar underneath I-5 by the shipping canal?  I went there a couple years ago, and was wondering if it was still open.

Two questions:

1) Does UW have an official website where professors are rated?

2) To anyone who lives away from campus and the U-district, do you find it easy to get involved with clubs and other student activities?

Queer Back to School Guide


I am interviewing people for a Queer Back to School Guide.
Questions are related to: advice for incoming freshman, places to go on and off
campus, advice for coming out to parents, roomies, friends; advice on having
platonic gay friends, flirting, dating and online dating.

This is in preparation for the University of Washington Back to School Events happening on Friday September 30th 2005.

So here are the topics. Read more...Collapse )

high speed/comcast for the computer retarded

I'm in my brand new, u-district apartment and I don't think it wise to rip off the wireless connection I'm getting from god-knows-where forever. So does everyone use comcast? I just wish there was a way to do this without paying like $60 a month. I guess I don't know what all goes into providing internet access but the price seems so exorbitant. So is comcast it? And do you have to buy your own modem or does that come with the $100 installation charge? Experiences? Advice? Anything?

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Hi guys.

In another LJ community, someone made a comment/observation/whatever that a lack of females in the computer science department at UW is a myth and that 60% of the CS graduates last year were women and that this statistic was in an article in The Daily. My boyfriend, a CS graduate from UW (2001) was quite surprised. I was wondering if anyone had a link to that article or if anyone in this community had read it. Is anyone here a female in the CS department? What have your experiences been like? Thanks.
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night ride..

So I know the UW just got rid of the UW Cares program.. but I heard a rumor that they're getting rid of the Night Ride for this yr too? Could this possibly be true? Please say no, Because that would suck balls for people like myself that work late (sometimes) on one end of campus and live in the completely opposite direction.. ehh.