September 5th, 2005

guan gung

rainydawg radio?

Anyone know their criteria/how tough it is to get airtime?

I can imagine any jackass who thinks they have good musical taste applies for a DJ slot, but I seriously got the down on dancehall/reggae, grime and under-the-radar-hiphop. I remember there was a guy last year who played mostly jazz fusion, so there gots ta be some love for me?

Should I send them a mixed CD? Should I do a faux radio show? I'm in the dark here; this is something I would really like to be involved in but their website is rather uninformative and my emails go unanswered.
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A question on Text books...

Alright I have a question about ordering two of my text books. According to the list from the books store I need to order 3 P/S NACHALO1 and
3 P/S NACHALO2 for Russian 101. I found both of these books else where for cheaper then University prices, however what does the 3 P/S stand for? I want to make sure that editions I've found are the correct ones. I think they are, but just thought I'd make sure. So if any one knows that would be great.

Thanks for the advice.