September 1st, 2005

little prince

CSE 142

Hi again, I read the "For all of you who have registration questions" post in the memories, and I've looked through the Course Evaluation Catalogue and Course Descriptions on MyUW for information on the computer programming class. I'm not quite satisfied with this information, however, and I would appreciate it if anyone who has taken this class can give me more information than what's on the website.
I know CSE 142 has no prerequisites, but SHOULD you know something about computers to succeed? Is prior knowledge helpful, but not necessary; or will you fail without any prior knowledge in computers and computer programming? Any info or opinions would be great, thanks a lot!


So I've decided that I want to swim again. Two years ago I was a senior in highschool and going to zone for the 500 and 200 free but I haven't done anything since. I can't seem to find anything IMA related that doesn't presuppose you know nothing about strokes. Is there an intramural team I'm missing out on? Is there a way I can train with someone before the season starts? I could just go down there alone, but it would be so fun to do it in a group like high school swim team, get all those fun drills.
Thanks in advance for the info.
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Before I forget.. You job seekers should consider applying at the Husky Team Shop at the Arena. I just started there earlier this week.. and I think I heard my boss mention he's looking for 5-6 more people in the next 5 days or so. I'd suggest searching out the website, or just visiting the store to pick up an app. yep.