August 30th, 2005


calc 125 and chid 110

Has anyone had the calculus professor OH, B? Such a strange last name. Anyway, I wanted to know if he's one of those hard test givers or any general info. I'm trying to pick between him and a professor I've already had, Devinatz.

ALSO- Anyone taken CHID 110(Question of Human Nature)? Is this class as easy as the reading list makes it appear to be?

Web Developer Wanted

The Educational Partnership and Learning Technologies (EPLT) is looking for a web developer. I am leaving the position and my boss asked if I could help in the search for someone as a replacement. The sites you would be working with are coded in php, and any object oriented programming experience is a plus. Also, we use mysql for our database structure, so experience working with mysql is also a big plus. This is a student position, and hours are very flexible. If this sounds like something you could be interested in, let me know. Either comment here, or email me @ josh . ritter @ gmail . com (minus all of the spaces of course). I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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Extra Credit

I am an incoming freshman who has a 17-credit load so far for Autumn quarter. But what I forgot is that I want to take piano lessons, which is going to add on 2 or even 3 credits! That would mean that I would have to pay not only the $105 fee for taking lessons, but also $647 (I'm from Mass) for the one extra credit. I really really want to keep on playing the piano. Music is my love. But I refuse to major in it because I'm not exactly concert pianist or piano instructor material.

Do you think it's a realistic work load? Is it manageable?
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McMahon clusters?

Hi all,
Profuse apologies if this has been addressed already, but I looked in memories and couldn't find anything. I understand the physical set up of the clusters, but which rooms are clustered together? For example, are 4 consecutive odd/even numbers together (270, 272, 274, 276), or would it be just consecutive room numbers? Thanks!