August 29th, 2005

lets hope im not being ANAL

So did everyone else in the world get their housing letters 'cept me? Cause my roomie got hers like a week and a half ago, and I'm still letter-less. This isn't a big deal cause my name is on her paper, so I know they didn't forget me ;) But I'm still curious as to what happened to it... and I heard about the new "check-in time" they are doing this year, and I wanna know if it's the same time as my roomie, which would seem right... Alright, anyone else had a prob like this?

Hoosing (said with a Scottish accent)

Hey kids. Anyone need a sublet for September? Normally it's $425 but I'll chop off part and make it an even $400 for you (no deposit). 15 minutes by bus from UW in a cool, clean, big house that overlooks Lake Union. Excellent people (one of them is going to become my Ballard housemate in October). You can bring your cat. Parking is abundant and we're right on a busline. Email to come see it, or call (949) 400-1552.