August 28th, 2005

nearby driving schools?

Hey everyone! Does anyone have any good experiences with driving schools around the U-District area or schools who are willing to pick up people in this area? I have no driving experience and I'm looking to get a license this fall... Do any of the places give student discounts for UW students? I also don't have a car so any schools where I could use their car for the actual test would be a definite plus... Anyways just wondering if anyone had good experiences or recommendations to share! Thank you!
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(no subject)

Does anyone have experience with changing their out of state plates on their car to Washington state? What if the car is owned by your parents? Can you register it in Washington? I've heard that when you change the title, Washington gives you a sales tax. If your parents sell you their car, is there a certain tax that you have to pay for it when you register it in Washington? Any information would be appreciated.
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Tutor needed... sort of

I need someone to help me write some papers. Mostly, I need help getting motivated. I have about 6 papers to write to finish some incompletes. I am actually a darn good writer when I actually get to it... :)

I'm looking for someone (grad student? junior or senior? good writer?) to meet me on-campus a few evenings/week for the next few weeks to help me get organized and write. I know the subject material, so I don't need any help with that. (Writing papers is the bane of my existence and I need someone to kick my butt into getting these papers done!)

Compensation will be given. :)

Thoughts or questions: email me at chariqy@u.wa... or leave a comment. Thanks!