August 24th, 2005

Is it true?

Is it true that your sophomore year some adminstration/counseling people call you up to make some sort of "progress" appointment with you to see how you are coming along? With credits and choosing a major at all? Don't ream me, this is a serious question.

for all the people who've lived in single apartments....

i'm not looking for anything right now, but just want to know for the near-ish future:

what are some nice 1-bedroom apartments/studios in the u-district? or any to really stay away from?

and if you don't mind, for the ones that you do recommend, around how much was rent per month?

(please don't tell me craigslist or send me housing-search links, i'm looking more for your own opinions/recommendations. )

(no subject)

has anyone taken spanish 201 recently? the required textbooks are fifth edition, but the fourth edition is everywhere for so much cheaper. is that one similar enough that it could be used? i'd email my teacher, but i have no idea who that is yet so i can't.