August 23rd, 2005



When is the earliest one can go to Schmitz Hall, get a form, and apply for a job?

I went last month, but the lady said it was way to early as many students wait until mid to late September to do so.

I go on vacation next week and I return the 25th-26th of September. Should I go this or next week and get the forms and find a job or should I wait until I return and do so? I'm just scared that if I do wait until I come back from vacation, the jobs I want are gone or I won't find a job fast enough and my pay will be docked.

Any help is appreciated from those who have had experience with workstudy. Thank you.

Getting Involved

While academics are important in college, I really would like to volunteer, intern, and be involved in student organizations.

How does one join a club? I know there's a site online that has the list of RSO's. I heard there's a day where a whole bunch of student organizations will have booths set up in Red Square?

What about internships, volunteering, etc.? Is researching online the best way or should I ask an older UW student, advisor, or counselor on this matter? Are there places on campus that have this information and resources for students?

Lastly, if any of you have experience in any sort of student involvement, could you share that experience? What was it? What did you like about it? Etc.

Thanks for your help and time for reading this! (second question tonight!)

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