August 21st, 2005


A question

Hi!! okay so um... I found out that i got into haggett hall. so is that good or what??? can someone help me with pictures maybe or a short description or something?? i'll be waiting for help while eating otterpops and dancing along to matsujun in his One solo!!
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absurd technology

Can anyone who has taken physics 114 tell me about the infrared transmitters they are making us purchase now? Are they used often in class, and do they actually help the "learning experience"? It seems a bit absurd ($34) for a simple remote control. More overpriced junk from the UW bookstore...
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Hi, I was thinking 'bout joining Unleashed a capella choir, does anyone know anything about it? I mean is it a really committed group, or more of casual type of thing? Who runs it? How many people are in it? When do rehearsals start this year? I'd really appreciate some info. Thanks.