August 19th, 2005


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Has anyone else been getting a lot more spam to their UW accounts than usual lately? I assume they've been getting my e-mail from the student directory.

I only wish the spam control filters on myuw didn't suck as much as they do.
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more dorm talk

In the spirit of recent posts, I just got my housing assignment too. Terry, triple in 819. Now, Terry is an all-freshman hall, isn't it? Or am I just crazy? Are the halls co-ed, and how does that whole thing work out? Can someone please tell me what to expect? If anyone has pictures of Terry triples, it would help immensely.

I'm a little disappointed because Terry was like, my fifth choice, but I'll try to make the best of it.
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Apartments/rooms for rent?

Sorry to bother you all... At least this isn't another a dorm/housing question.

My roommate decided recently that she wanted to move into a house with some of her friends, leaving me kind of stranded for a place to live for this year. Since it's so last minute, I don't have any other friends to try and find a new place with. My lease ends at the end of this month, so I'm kind of in a bind...

Is there any other place besides craigslist that you can suggest? I've been checking it everyday and haven't been able to find anything. Or actual apartments that have one bedroom/studios that are decent and not too expensive.
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Mercer's good points?

Sorry to bother you all once again but I've only heard bad things about living in Mercer and its... rather disheartening. Does anyone have anything good to say about Mercer? Is there anything I can look forward too? Or should I try and transfer after the first quarter?

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Is anyone looking for somewhere to live in the fall (starting after Sept 9th)? I'm living in a four-bedroom apartment on 46th & 22nd, and one of the girls JUST decided not to live with us. We're posting an ad on craigslist, but I thought I would check here just in case. It's a tag apartment (Pacific Sunrise), and the rent would either be $390 or $370 plus utilities (it depends on the bedroom & we haven't gotten that all figured out just yet!). There are parking spaces, they do cost money, but it's a nice apartment and we're all friendly. :) We'd prefer a girl, no pets or smoking. Leave a comment if you're interested!

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OK, so. I checked the HFS website for this and read through the recently sent email but couldn't find the information I need (so please, no angry comments).

I am a Dawg Daze Leader, and as such get to move back into the dorms early. The first meeting is on September 20th (Tuesday), so I'm assuming that we get to move in on the 19th. Yes? No? A friend of mine who's also a Dawg Daze Leader said that she's moving in on the 20th, but that doesn't seem right to me.

Related to that, I know that I need to fill out the Early Move-In form on the HFS website, as per the email sent, but the form isn't up on the website yet (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong section). Does anyone know when it'll be posted?