August 18th, 2005

Hold me

So tell me

I'm a prospective student for Autumn '06 blah blah you know the drill.

Admissions really isn't an issue for me, but I'm just fishing for some information from actual students.

I'm probably going to major in linguistics, so how is that department? You have to take two languages to major in that as well, so how are the foreign language departments? Which ones are the best?

What's it like on campus? The pictures I've seen look nice, but so do the ones on Providence College's website, and if you actually go there, it needs a bit of work (I live in Rhode Island). I know UW is a big school, but is it crowded? I don't mean class size, but is it spacious enough with all of the people? How are the dorms? I'll probably live on-campus for at least my freshman year wherever I go.

That's all I can think of for now. I might add more later. If you'd rather talk to me than post for whatever reason, send me an AIM message, it's the same screen name.

Edit: If you have anything to add of any variety to persuade/dissuade (hopefully the former :) me to attend, go for it.

Roomate Problem

So I got my roommate assignment and it's someone that I already know and that I hate. The I keep going over the odds of that happening over and over again but that's not going to help me. What I really want to know is if it's possible to be switched out of that room before fall start?

On the subject of dorms...

In the spirit of "I got my housing assignment today, so let me ask a question about my hall" posts we've got going, I wanted to make a quick inquiry: what exactly are the kitchenettes like in Hansee? I like to do some of my own (non-microwave) cooking, so I was wondering what kind of equipment I can expect. Cooking area? Stovetop of any kind? Or should I just leave my skillet at home and settle for a rice steamer?

Also, how are the rooms in McKee? A friend of mine had a room in Blaine last year and it was teeny.
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