August 17th, 2005

Greetings from Philadelphia!

Hi everyone, my name is Kristy, and my Fiancee and I are looking into ,moving to Seattle by next summer (he is looking for an environmental job). I have two years of college (from NJ) completed, and I plan on continuing part-time, while trying to find a manager position in the prepared food business in Seattle (I am a deli manager here) ANYWAY, I would like to continue my English degree at UW, and I was wondering if anyone here was taking the evening degree program? How do you like it? Also... what is a good area to live and commute to the school? Anyone else on here move across country and have any advice?

(no subject)

does anyone know of any places hiring on or near campus? i've gone to the uw student employment site and i'm heading to u-village this evening, but is there anywhere else i should try or any places you know specifically are hiring for the fall?
cutest puppy EVER

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This is totally dorky, but..... I really liked that datebook UW gave me as an incoming freshman last fall. I can't find any other datebooks that have all the days off and all that jazz in them. Do they sell those anywhere? I already looked in the U Bookstore. Maybe I can jack some freshman's this year or something.....

out-of-state transfer credits

I know I knew this at one point but have somehow lost the information and cannot find it again. Poor me.

I took a three-quarter intensive Spanish series this summer at a community college in California and I remember talking to the Spanish advisor and her telling me that the courses would almost certainly transfer. This had something to do with because the credits are from an out-of-state cc they were going to be judged by someone in the dept. I just don't remember what steps I need to take now to get those credits transfered. Do I just need to send my transcript somewhere or what is going on?

Acctg textbook WOW

So I'm signed up for Acctg 215... the book is a freaking $150 and comes shrink wrapped with some Wall Street Journal student guide brochure type thing... I can look elsewhere and find the same book for way cheaper, but sans the WSJ. Is it vital to have this brochure - does anyone know? Thanks in advance ;)