August 15th, 2005

Help and advice, anyone?

My name is Melissa Garrison, and I'm just starting my application for admission in Fall '06. I was reading a few posts back about another prospective student who was worried about whether they'd be accepted. Likewise, I'm panicking, because I'm completely unsure about whether I'll get in. I've got a 3.969 GPA, and a few extracurriculars (two sports and maybe 2 clubs), but my other stats are horrific: I only got a 2000 on the new SAT, a 1390 on the old one, and I've only taken 1 AP class, because my school only offers one AP class (I did, thankfully, get a 5 on the test). I've got virtually no community service, either. Do I stand a chance of getting in? Is there anything else I can do to improve my odds a bit?

biochem 440 contents

hey all,
I am going to be suffering through biochem 440 in the fall and would like to try and get a head start if possible. Can anyone who has taken it previously describe what general chapters/topics are covered? I can't seem to find an old course website or detailed description. I am taking it from Davis.

many thanks
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