August 14th, 2005


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Censor This! (The Young people's page in Seattle Gay News) is looking for new writers!

If you are:
*under 23
*a writer
*an activist
*a queer ally
*or you just want to get involved. ..
($25 per printed article)

Email: Marisa at
marvin on mars
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This was the first time I ordered from wingzone in the U. District, and had a complete runaround on my order.  (They said they delivered, but I was waiting outside, and they never came, etc.)  Fluke, or are they always this bad? I understand about things getting busy, but 1.5 hours for an order is a bit much, when they said 35 minutes.
fleur de lys

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For all UW student employees.. I thought the last pay period ended just recently and checks were supposed to be deposited around the 10 or 11 of last week, in theory of course, and it of course wasn't a weekend day. My sad $400 has yet to be deposited into my account... is it just me.. or will they be getting around to it this week sometime? Not freaking out or anything, I was just curious...