August 12th, 2005

  • shhx

Transfer stuff

I really hope I didn't miss this somehow, I was looking through the memories and couldn't find it anywhere.

So here's my question: I'm starting to get ready to apply for Autumn '06 from an out of state community college (I won't have my AS by then, but I'll only be about 3 classes short - will be transferring with um...*does quick math* about 78 credits, if all goes well) and I've been reading up on the requirements. I'll have them all covered...except they're asking for SAT scores, and I never took the SATs. I never had to, because I went to a tech college right out of high school that had their own assessment system, and then to a community college a few years later who doesn't require them.

Do I have to take the SATs? *gulp* I mean, obviously I will if I have to, I really want to get in, but are they required? Otherwise I think I'm good...I have a 4.0 GPA and a bunch of ECs and...*nervous*

Anybody know?
Thanks in advance.

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I am taking the MCAT on August 20th. Does anyone know of a place I could get a massage either in the U-District, Issaquah or Bellevue? I'm flying to another country the very next day and would like to relax and get all the pain out of my neck and back from the 8 hour long test. Thanks in advance!
  • umbra98

Cinema on the Lawn

Looking for something fun to do tonight?  Come see Cabaret (1972) at the South Lake Union Cinema on the Lawn outdoor movie series.

The movie is located at the South Lake Union Discovery Center, on the corner of Westlake and Denny.  There is plenty of parking in the area!

Bring your low-backed chairs, your picnic basket and your family (no alcohol please), and take in a great movie under the stars (tonight is a meteor shower!). We'll have a hot-dog stand as well! Your $5 donation tonight will benefit the Lifelong Aids Alliance. 

The movie will begin between 9:30 - 10:00 p.m., and show until approximately 11:45 p.m.

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Just wondering...
Has anyone ever taken an Evening Degree Program course? (being an Evening Degree Program student, or just a regular undergraduate student)
Is it any different (workload-wise, people-wise, etc) than a regular course? The class is hardly ever offered and the class times are so convienent.
I'm dying to get into one of their classes but was told I needed to wait until registration ends to see if there's space, so I'm just wondering if I'm getting paranoid over something that's not even worth it.
Thanks in advance!