August 7th, 2005


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hi, my name is j, i just moved back to seattle after being in wenatchee for almost a year. looking to get my feet back on the ground in the scene here. i'm going to start back up at the uw next month and need a job. i'm hoping to do photography and would like some help/input from fellow photographers on perhaps getting paid for photo shoots. i have great photos to share but my previous uw account was suspended. i'll try to find some to put up later.

so, anyone here that does photography, can you give me some pointers on how to set up my own gig? thanks in advance!

and some of you may remember me... i have posted here before. i am a tall guy and posted my photos on here a few years back.
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Swap with me!

I didn't think I'd ever make one of these posts, but here goes -

Is anyone taking French 103 fall quarter in the 12:30 section who wants to be in the 10:30 section?

I need to switch, and the French dept isn't being too helpful. I know there are people who want the 10:30 - it filled up first by far, it's just a matter of finding one. I'm watching the status page like a hawk, but so far no luck.

Comment if you're interested, ignore if this doesn't pertain to you. Thanks for your time :)

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Hi. I am selling two books:
Chem 242, 243 Intro to Lab Tech: Microscale, Pavia
price: $75 (used bookstore price is $95)

Physics 114, 115, 116
Price: 20-30 dollars cheaper than the used bookstore price

I know there is a website to post book sale information for the UW on. Does someone know what it is?

If you are interested in buying these books, please let me know ASAP! Leave a comment. Thanks.

Oh, and both are in great condition.