July 28th, 2005

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Last Chance: Jet City Improv Players Perform Sketch Comedy

This is it. This is your last chance to see The Stranger Recommended Train of Thought sketch comedy show, Train of Thought > Laid Off. Our final two shows are this weekend, Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th.

We sold out both nights last weekend so please arrive early. There is no advance ticket purchase available. Show details are below.

The show features great sketch comedy that explores life in the workplace and being laid off by looking at the difficulties of writing resumes, the trauma of interviews, the stress of work presentations, the differences between Red and Blue States, and lots more.

The show has been well received by both audiences and the press:

> A Stranger Recommended Show - "a solid evening of ably constructed, good jokes peppered with pockets of awesome" - Lindy West, The Stranger

> Featured in the Seattle PI, NWSource, The Seattle Sinner and GetLocal.com

Show information is below. For more information visit us online at www.trainofthought.info.

This show is rated R for: language, adult situations and nudity.

See you at the show,

John, Matt and Ryan

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I wish there was website for the bus system where you can enter in "I'm here, I want to get there" and it'd show you exactly which routes to take. As it is, with these overlapping routes and directions changes without labeling which ones change where, it's hard to understand (I'm also not used to a transit system and recently moved from out of state). I guess I have this wonderful free pass to the IMA but can't figure out how to get there without doing a workout just to get there... I live in Wallingford and all I can see that goes up that route is the 243 bus - and I don't see where it goes other than that one strip. Anyone have any ideas? Otherwise, is it possible to be refunded that student activity charge without giving up your U-Pass?
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Custom t-shirts

So I'm interested in finding a place to make custom t-shirts for me. I figure that since many student groups here use this kind of service often, I'd ask you all for your advice. Although I am a grad student here, this would be for my own personal use.

Where are some good places to get t-shirts made? What has been your experience with that place? Prices, timing, service? Were you able to bring a CD-ROM with your preferred design, or did they ask for a printed copy?

I know of several online services that will do this, but I would prefer to actually interact with a physical, local service.
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transfer question

so i finally got my letter today saying that the freshman class for fall 2009 is completely full (which wasn't a surprise to me seeing that a lot of my friends who did get in are getting stuck in triple rooms) and that they couldnt offer me admissions off the waitlist, which wasn't a surprise either.

i'm still thinking about transfering there after this year (i did a year of running start in high school, so i'll be through with my AA transfer after this year)

my question is, since UW is such a huge school, is it really hard to settle in and meet new people as a transfer student ? i'm really eager to meet some new people and have been jealous of hearing all of my friends talk about all the awesome people they met at their orientations for their new schools. some people have told me that transfering to smaller schools isn't usually that bad, but the transition can be a little harder into a large school. in addition to that, i know a lot of people start moving out as they becoming sophomores and juniors, but since it'll be my first year i'm going to be living in a dorm and i'm wondering what dorms they usually put the upperclassmen in ? how are they as far as facilities go ?