July 27th, 2005

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Does anyone have their 2005 AP scores in their student record yet? I'm trying to get an add code, and I'm not sure if they're having a problem with my grades because I don't put my SS# on anything. The person I'm getting the code from said I need to go talk to someone in admissions, but since one department rarely knows what the others are doing, I was wondering if my problem is unique.
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Napster deal

So apparently UW will be paying $24k and will be getting 3,000 licenses for students in the residence halls. More details here. I guess the good thing is that they're not using any state, tuition, or tax related money...? quote:

"These are not state appropriated funds," said Arkans. "[The money is] not from the student technology fee, not tax funding and not tuition."

Instead the money in the fund comes from royalties generated by software and technology that is developed by the University and licensed to manufacturers and users.

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i've been looking for a job forever. and now i'm trying for jobs on campus too, but other than looking at that board in allen library, i don't know where else to look. help!
(preferably easy jobs that requires only short, brief interactions w/ people haha. but i really don't care. )

p.s. where's caraccident?
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