July 22nd, 2005


Well, after a HUGELY successful 2 month run, Reality World Season 1 is officially coming to a close this evening at 8pm at The Historic University Theater.

A completely improvised Reality Show, Reality World takes all the best elements of your favorite reality television and combines it into one surreal theatrical experience. Your suggestions create our characters, your votes decide the eliminations, your presence effects the world....The Reality World!

"Amazingly Ingenious" -- Joe Adcock, Seattle PI
See what else Joe Adcock had to say about the show: The Seattle P.I.

"Reality World is for you! 4.5 stars out of 5!" -- NWImprov.com
See what else NWImprov.com had to say: NWImprov.com

This is your last chance.....until season 2! Tonight @ 8pm. The Historic University Theater. 5510 University Way NE, Seattle, WA.

Be there

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in the past 2 days, i've had to pay the bus fare three times because my upass expired at the end of spring. i was hoping that most of the bus drivers would be nice and just not notice or just not care. and it worked for a while, but it seems like they're cracking down lately.

has anyone else noticed this or is it just a coincidence that it happened three times in 2 days?
or does this never work and i should just quit even trying?
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BIO 356

Sorry to clog up everyone's LJ pages, but I've been looking around in various places (memories section, eBay, etc) to find the textbook for Bio356 (Ecology, by Krebs). I'm really strapped for cash right now, so I'm looking for anyone selling/renting/lending their copy or recommendations of the cheapest place I could find one. Thanks so much in advance. :)

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BIOL 100

Hey, for any of you who've taken BIOL 100, is it challenging for a non-science person? Like, is it hard-science-and-math intensive, lots of memorizing, that kinda thing? I guess I'm just asking if you found it difficult. Cuz I'm nervous.

(See, I'm coming to UW as an exchange student. At my home school here in NYC I have avoided intro to biology for the past three years because it's a really hard and easy-to-fail course. I'm going to take UW's BIOL 100 and hopefully get credit for my own college's intro to biology course. So I hope UW's is a lot easier than Hunter College's.)


Can anyone recommend a good laundromat near frat row 16th and 45th? Walking distance please since I don't have a car too. The one washer and dryer in my building is on the fritz and I hate doing multiple loads one at a time anyway.
thanks much