July 21st, 2005




I'm looking for housing closer to campus since I am currently living with my parents in Bellevue. I'm a 20 y/o female. I just transferred to UW and am looking for housing in the U-District and surrounding neighborhoods. I'm looking to join a house of fun, laid back, college-aged people. I have two cats, however they are still welcome at my parents house so it is not a problem if there are no pets allowed or they exceed the number of cats allowed:) I'm a non smoker. I'm tidy and can/like to cook. I'm looking to meet new people. I enjoy the occasional party and hanging out with inspired/inspiring people.
I'm ready to move in whenever, preferrably beginning in August.
Please post a comment with info and I will reply with email and contact information.
rock on

COM 407

Has anyone taken COM Tech and Politics with Howard? Is he friendly, hard, etc? Just wondering because I've never taking any polical science classes, I'm more for social interaction and I signed up for this class to fulfill a requirement.


Are the dorms open during the quarter breaks (extra fees?) or are they closed until the next quarter? Also, do we remain in the same room/roommate in the new quarter or are we assigned a new room/roommate?

How hard is it to transfer dorm rooms if we have problems with our roommate?