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Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Subject:ACCTG 225 w/ Helen Adams
Time:9:30 am.

has anyone taken Managerial Accounting (ACCTG 225) with Helen Adams?? what is she like and how is the course load? Thanks!
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Time:1:49 pm.

I'm looking for housing closer to campus since I am currently living with my parents in Bellevue. I'm a 20 y/o female. I just transferred to UW and am looking for housing in the U-District and surrounding neighborhoods. I'm looking to join a house of fun, laid back, college-aged people. I have two cats, however they are still welcome at my parents house so it is not a problem if there are no pets allowed or they exceed the number of cats allowed:) I'm a non smoker. I'm tidy and can/like to cook. I'm looking to meet new people. I enjoy the occasional party and hanging out with inspired/inspiring people.
I'm ready to move in whenever, preferrably beginning in August.
Please post a comment with info and I will reply with email and contact information.
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Subject:COM 407
Time:2:20 pm.
Has anyone taken COM Tech and Politics with Howard? Is he friendly, hard, etc? Just wondering because I've never taking any polical science classes, I'm more for social interaction and I signed up for this class to fulfill a requirement.
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Time:9:59 pm.
Are the dorms open during the quarter breaks (extra fees?) or are they closed until the next quarter? Also, do we remain in the same room/roommate in the new quarter or are we assigned a new room/roommate?

How hard is it to transfer dorm rooms if we have problems with our roommate?

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