July 20th, 2005


Here's what I'm offering

I have a few things for French and Italian 200 level classes (which it pains me to think that i'll never use again) including the Da Capo (italian) 5th Edition Lab Manual, and A World Langauges cd set for En Bonne Forme (all CDs 1-11.. French). Both are in great shape (showing I never did my homework...), if anyone wants them, I think I can part with them for free. You won't get them til the school year starts, but if you want to request them now, the first person to email me with a decent story, that is actually taking the class, gets them. I'll have some Spanish stuff for the 300 as soon as I finish with it.
Name's Will.
I might have some more stuff... if I can't sell back the two textbooks I mean :-P.
Thanks for taking them off my hands

Good places to donate clothes?

Do any of you know a good place to can donate clothes in the U-District?  I'm moving to Japan on Saturday, and I want to try and thin out the amount of stuff I'm putting in storage.

Thanks in advance.  :)

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Does anyone here work for or know someone who works in student tech support for the C&C client services? I have a technical interview there soon, and am really not sure what to expect. Specifics would be appreciated- anything to help prepare myself!

Also, incase this job doesn't work out, does anyone know of any other computer lab/tech supoort jobs around campus that are hiring right now? I can't find anything online, I've already checked UW's student employment links.

study abroad credits

Hi everyone. I checked the memories and couldn't find an answer, so here goes:

I'll be studying abroad in Spain (specifically the University of Seville) from January to June of next year (2006), and I am a bit worried about the length of time and the difficulty of transferring credits from the host university back to UW. Has anyone had any problems with getting credit? How long has it taken you? I already talked to the anthropology department (being an anthro major), but I thought that it would also be good to get opinions from people who actually studied abroad. Thanks!

Free Movie: My Mother's Smile

Livejournal-ers - simply email adam@nwfilmforum.org with your name in the email and "LJ" in the Subject Line and get FREE TICKETS to see Italian master Marco Bellocchio's "My Mother's Smile" at Northwest Film Forum. Supply is limited, so reply ASAP!

JULY 22-28 Fri-Thurs at 7, 9pm
My Mother's Smile

(Marco Bellocchio, Italy, 2002, 35mm, 103 min.)
This highly intelligent, provocative film from Italian master Marco Bellocchio (whose epochal 1967 debut FISTS IN THE POCKET and its follow-up, CHINA IS NEAR, are widely-regarded as two of the greatest Italian films of the 60s) presents a sincerely felt exploration of the politics and principles of modern faith. When painter Ernesto (Serge Castellito of MOSTLY MARTHA) discovers to his horror that the Vatican is in the process of canonizing his recently deceased mother, he has to reconcile his atheism with the schemes of the church and his family, both of whom encourage him to convert, and come to terms with the less-than-saintly memories he has of the harsh, overbearing mother who drove him away decades earlier. MY MOTHER¹S SMILE is a searing satire that explores controversial issues with exceptional intelligence and a great deal of humor. In Italian with English subtitles.

Support independence in cinema by visiting the non-profit Northwest Film Forum at 1515 12th Ave, on Capitol Hill at Pike. Find out more information about NWFF online at http://www.nwfilmforum.org.

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fleur de lys

gettin' your hair did...

I already browsed the uw memories.. soo, Anyone have any thoughts/ideas to share about the hair salon in U Village across from Fireworks? I'm guessing its pricey, considering its in the u-village (even with the $5 off, first-time/ walk-in customer deal they advertise).. ? Good place? Bad place? any thoughts? I just need to chop off a good chunk of my hair. thnx