July 13th, 2005

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hi ya'll

i am looking into uwash for either ancient history or classics. does anyone have any information about either of these programs, the city and the people. i'm from the midwest (MI, originally OH) so i don't know anything about the northwest.

thanks in advance
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Cell Phone Flashing

I was just wondering if anyone has the tools to flash a Sharp GX15, and is located somewhere near the Seattle area. I bought a phone while I was study-abroading in Spain, and now that I'm back, I want to use that (nice and expensive) phone for my T-Mobile service here. Vodafone in Spain is being impossible (language barrier first off, 2nd they want more than the price of the phone for the unlock codes), so I was wondering if anyone had the tools. I own the phone, it *is* mine. If you're worried about illegality, I can show you a receipt. Anyway, please get back to me if you have the necessary tools and experience.
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Ok so I've been wanting to mention this for days now (any W fans wont like this so beware) .. I was riding the bus to campus at the ass crack of dawn like usual and on the back of a Subaru stationwagon, I saw the world's awesomest bumper sticker. It read: "George Bush is a lying sack of shit". I thought, Yes, that's fuckin' awesome!

and theres my story.