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Friday, July 8th, 2005

Subject:Summer Upass
Time:12:04 am.
Would anyone like to purchase a summer UPass from me for $41? (the regular price of a upass) I thought I had a buyer...but I think they backed out...
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Subject:Attention: Beautiful girl on the bus:
Time:12:18 am.
I just got off the 71 from the ave. You asked me what time it was, I told you, and soon after hit the introvert button. Lagwagon consoled my puny, weak, unmanly heart all the way to 65th, where I think I managed a smile. If you remember me, respond.
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Time:5:44 pm.
Does anyone know of a place to get white coffee, other than Sureshot? Is white coffee rare in Seattle/UW-area coffehouses or pretty common? I LOVE it! And I hear it's got more caffeine than regular coffee...Thanks.
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Time:7:18 pm.
So what are the chances that bio 180 is ever going to open up? Right now I'm registered for the 12:30-1:20 section (I guess I should be thankful that I'm even in it) but I wanted to switch to 11:30 so I could take another class. I've been checking all summer and this class won't budge... is there even hope or are these just wasted efforts?
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