July 7th, 2005


UW and Napster, Part 2

The Seattle Times is now reporting that "The university is giving 3,000 students who live in its residence halls free access to Napster's basic service, which offers songs for listening or downloading to a computer."

"The UW isn't saying how much it is paying for the service, citing confidentiality agreements with Napster and Dell, but plans to offer it to students free."

"Students won't be able to move songs to a portable device unless they pay an additional monthly fee. And forget about moving the songs to an iPod — a key accessory on campuses — because Napster's service doesn't work on it. It doesn't work on Macintosh computers, either."
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If anyone needs a job, look behind the cut. I'm working for the company now, and they'd probably pay between 10 - 12 an hour. It's a "camp" type thing-- 6 hours a day teaching kids HTML and how to use MSOffice, in the international district. Sorry if you already got an email about this-- I don't know which UW lists it got posted to.

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