July 6th, 2005

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Jet City Players Perform New Sketch Comedy Show

It's here! The third and newest Train of Thought sketch comedy show, Train of Thought > Laid Off, opens this Friday July 8th and we'd like to invite you to opening weekend.

The show features great sketch comedy that explores life in the workplace and being laid off by looking at the difficulties of writing resumes, the trauma of interviews, the stress of work presentations, the differences between Red and Blue States, and lots more. If you know anyone that's lost their job or just hates working in a cube this show is for them!

Our last show, Train of Thought > New York, was a Seattle PI: 2004 Best of the Northwest Theater Selection and was called “funny" by The Stranger and “continuously hysterical and deeply intelligent” by The Seattle Sinner.

Train of Thought > Laid Off will be at the same location as our last show, NorthWest Actor's Studio: The Cabaret Theater, 3rd Floor, which features a full bar and all the seating is comfy couches and recliners. The show will start at 10:30. Doors open at 10.

Show information is below. For more information visit us online at http://www.trainofthought.info.

See you at the show,

John, Matt and Ryan

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Hi, my name is Jean-Paul and I just got my car stolen.
In it was my math book, and it is probably the most important thing I had in it. If anybody is selling their math book, or could lend me there math book for the summer I would reallllly appreciate.
Hopefully my car will be found by the cops but for now I am kinda just trying to figure out how I will be able to do my hw for math 124 :(
So please if you have a math 124 book to sell I would be reallllly grateful.
my email is jplarch@u.washington.edu
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personal injury lawyer recommendation?

Hi folks,
I need a recommendation for a personal injury lawyer, and am hoping that someone here might be able to either recommend (or warn) me to someone. I've already talked to Student Legal Services, but they don't take money-generating cases... so they suggested I ask around the UW community for a recommendation. :)


UW and Napster

Apparently the UW is purchasing a Napster subscription for all of its students, along with 10 Dell servers to provide local caches:
Dell today announced that it has teamed with digital music provider Napster to help colleges and universities offer students a legal way to download music files.

The offering, available immediately, combines Napster's digital music service with Dell PowerEdgeTM 1855 blade servers to help institutions increase network bandwidth availability while providing students with a premium, legal digital music service virtually free of the viruses, spyware and other security risks that often accompany the downloading of unauthorized music. The University of Washington (UW) will be the first school to employ this comprehensive solution starting this fall.
What do you think about this? Free music might be nice, but the details are pretty limited. Will it only be available on the campus network? Can commuter students use it? And of course, will this be another charge tacked on to our tuition bill (possibly as part of the STF fee)? Assuming it's like all other Napster-university partnerships, the songs will expire as soon as you leave the university, and you won't be able to play them on an iPod... unless you crack the DRM (which is highly illegal).

Edited To Add: The press release is pretty vague, with phrases like "comprehensive solution", and The Register seems to think that the UW is shelling out $$$ for it, but there's nothing that definitely says that the UW is paying anything. I'll see if I can get more info.

Edit 2: The Seattle Times now confirms that residence hall students will get free access to the Napster subscription service.