July 5th, 2005

another housing question

Hello everyone!

I posted a few days ago about off campus shared housing- it seems like craigslist/ daily classified are pretty dry right now so I was thinking that I would put up "looking for roommate" notices myself around campus. I was wondering if you guys think this is a good idea- and if so if you could suggest so me places to do it?

I'm guessing the HUB, maybe some places in the Health Sciences building (not quite sure which board is the biggest yet), maybe u bookstore. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Economics and Middle Eastern Studies Professors

I'm interested in taking a whole slew of economics courses and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for professors or even courses about economic development that people found particularly inspiring/informative etc.

Also with teachers in the international studies department teaching Middle Eastern Studies. Thanks.
star wars

email questions

the memories are not working at the moment and apparently myuw.net isn't connecting either... so, what happens to your email account after you've graduated? does it morph into something@myuw.net or are they just going to shut it down? and if they just shut it down, will forwarding my mail still work? thanks!
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