July 3rd, 2005

Abraxas Gem 2

Are you a scientist?

I'm looking for an organic chemistry whiz (or similar) who really knows their way around, and has access to, a gas chromatograph. I need someone who is adventurous, imaginative and who wants to discover something pretty cool. Professionalism is not necessarily a plus, but you need to know your stuff.

This is for a fun and potentially rewarding, private, completely legal, and of course, non-paying project. There will be much discussion and sitting around hypothesizing over cocktails, followed (hopefully) by actually by taking stuff apart. Depending upon initial results, a more formal study could follow, with published findings and all the attendant notoriety, huzzahs, fanfare, festoons and gonfalons. If we're lucky.

P.S. This is not a cleverly-worded personal ad. I really just need a chemist with a GC.