June 27th, 2005

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Grr...Internship Credit is lame..

Just wanted to vent that I am going to pay $387 for 2 credits just so that I can *legally* hold my internship, an UNPAID internship. Gah. I might be selling a UPASS though, but I might up the price just cause I already bought one since I work on campus full-time and can buy one anyway! GAH!
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I thought today was the 26th, and hence the last day to drop classes without tuition forfeiture.

Does anyone have suggestions of what I can do, besides fill out the petition form they handed me? (honestly, I'm just wondering if there's any hope for me)


i'm writing this for my boyfriend. both of us live in mountlake terrace, just south of lynnwood. if there is anyone who is looking for a roommate and is looking for a nice place to live, away from the seattle mayhem, please respond to this. it's kind of urgent. he's in a bind for money, as many unspoiled college students are and can't exactly afford rent for a one bedroom. i live not far away. this whole situation is just stressful :/

he's reallllly nice and so am i. we're both up for making new friends. i know it's a bit far from the university, but i'm getting desperate for him. thanks.

email me at aprak@u.washington.edu.