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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Subject:List Of Items To Bring To Dorms
Time:12:38 am.
I'm an incoming freshmen at the UW this fall and I was wondering if any students had any tips/advice on what and what not to bring to the dorms. I know essentials are needed (sheets, bedding, toiletries, clothing, etc.) A list would be nice. What did you discover that you didn't use much or at all? What is a must have? And so forth.

Is the lighting good? Is there air conditioning?

This would help me out a lot and I'm sure other incoming freshmen out as well. Thanks a lot! (:
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Subject:Diversity Monument
Time:8:58 am.
I know there was some question of just what the art between Suzz and Mary Gates is supposed to be - "diversity monument" didn't really tell anyone anything about it. (Which, really, if you think about it, is a pity - there was the perfect chance to educate people about the project as they were building it. But I digress...) Anyhow, the PI did a piece on it this morning, and I thought I'd share. Apologies if this showed up in an answer to the question a while back, as I missed it.

Titled "Blocked Out," the sculpture -- unveiled 12 days ago during commencement weekend -- is dedicated to people who have suffered from oppression. It features footprints in black granite, symbolizing a slave auction block, facing a curling stone bench. Das Gupta, a biochemistry major, and Gardner, both 22, also inspired the installation of $80,000 worth of art by artists of color in Kane Hall. The money came from the Washington State Arts Commission.
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Subject:Quick Question.
Time:10:53 am.
Mood: confused.
I'm going to be a freshmen at UW, and just got done with my Summer Advising Session and left the campus even more confused then when I first arrived, when dealing with registration issues.

All I know is that I e-mailed the people at FIGS requesting a Residential FIG for my first quarter that came with a package of classes. That puts me at 12 credits, but is that going to be too little of credits? Shouldn't I need 15 in order to not be behind everyone else?

Some people have suggested I take a 3 credit class, but I don't even know what to take, or look for, for that matter. Everything is so confusing and I don't want to be lost when classes finally begin in the fall.

In case it matters, I plan to major in Communications/Journalism and The Comparative History of Idea's. And so, the FIG I signed up for has some basic Intro Communication classes along with some English and whatever else.

Can anyone help? And Thanks in advance :)
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Subject:Anyone need an apt!?!
Time:5:45 pm.
Please don't shoot me but.. In case anyone is looking for summer
housing, My roommate and I are looking to move out of our apt ASAP. If
you're wondering its a 2bd/ 1ba (with 2 sinks) on 8 & 42nd. Rent is
$875/month ... Are there any other good sites to post this at other than craigslist. rent.com or seattlerentals.com?
My email is salitam (at) u.washington.edu

Some more info on our lovely apartmentCollapse )
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