June 22nd, 2005

Soccer, anyone?

We are looking for a lady
Who does not have to be good
But can put on cleats and shin-guards
Near the U-Dist neighborhood.

We're starting up a co-ed team
We really need another
Chick to balance out me and Alexis
Against a bunch of physicist brothers.

Like I said, you don't have to know how
Or a specific position play
We just need a respirating female
On or before Monday.
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Earring, Blonder, Cuff

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Is there some sort of freshman sickness? I've been on campus for the past three days, starting dorm life with this Summer Quarter, and I have been nauseous and felt like I've swallowed a ball bearing for the past two. My twin brother is feeling pretty similar. Does this happen to a lot of incomings, is it just me being dumb? It's not emotional, I think I'm feeling pretty happy and excited to be here and until this whole thing set on I was really enjoying myself, and I'm not homesick or anything. It's just making me miserable. Suggestions?

Stemming from that, my headaches have been worse, I think I'm not getting enough water. Anyone have suggestions on where to buy like, gallon jugs of distilled/purified/filtered water, or where to get a Brita/Pür-type filter (in pitcher form) around UW?
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Planet Q: An all ages dance party to celebrate PRIDE

Pride Sunday, MPowerment presents an out of this world event for Seattle’s queer youth population: Planet Q. Neighbours Underground is transplanted into a different universe, where nothing is quite what it seems. Everyone is invited. The doors will open at 6pm; get there early, the first 200 people in are free, and stay late dancing to the hottest dance music with DJ Kyler spinning until 10pm. Seattle’s sexiest drag queens will be performing every hour. Planet Q is the only underage dance party Pride Sunday, so after spending the day at Volunteer Park, head over to Neighbours Underground and continue the celebration!

*pass this on to other queer youth you may know!!! I mean, it's Neighbours for FREE...


I'd like to hear your impressions of the food on campus. I'm an incoming student this fall and am trying to figure out how I'm going to divide my assets for food.

Just a little info. . . I'm selective about processed meats. Other than that, I'm up for about anything.

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