June 19th, 2005


advising and registration

Tomorrow is my advising/ registration date. FINALLY. Now, I'm confused. Do I have to do advising in order to register? Because I'm across the country, and no one has told me there's any advising thingy I need to plan to do. So, will the website let me register for classes if I don't go to advising? If it matters, I am not a freshman; I'm in the NSE program, a transfer.

Retroactive research credits

Hi guys,

Has anybody out there in LJ-space ever gotten credits added on retroactively? More specifically independent research credit?

Basically, my situation is that I just now found out that my independent research can be counted towards graded research credits (through the Neurobio dept.). However, for reasons that are lost deep withing the UW bureaucratic machinery, I need those credit to be counting in my Spring 2005 quarter, which means that I need them added in retroactively.

Has anybody ever done anything like that before? If so, how did you do it?


sitar lessons? guitar playing?

Hi! I don't really know where to ask this and I'm hoping maybe someone here could lead me in the right direction. I started playing the sitar not that long ago and was wondering if anyone knows where I can take sitar lessons in Seattle? It's kind of a difficult thing to search for online and you end up with all these weird music school websites...and honestly, I don't know where most things are in relation to UW. Also, where would be a good place to find people to jam with? (I've played guitar for 6 years as well)

Thanks!! Any and all help is really appreciated.

Looking for ME grad students

Is anyone here a mechanical engineering grad student/faculty/staff? I'm interested in applying to the UW, and I'd like to pick someone's brain about the program. I'd appreicate it anyone would be willing to trade emails or IMs. I'll buy the beers if anyone would is willing to meet up.