June 15th, 2005

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To the jerk in Hansee, 3rd floor kitchenette:

Thanks for coating the entire floor, stove, and sink in the grease of whatever you cooked. I enjoyed slipping on it when I went to wash a cup, and I enjoy the bruise on my hip even more.


Intensive Language Hell

Who else will be joining me in intensive language hell? If this is your destiny, which language will you be studying this Summer? If you care to know, I'll be taking Korean. Um. yeah.
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Bike Shops

I have a couple of bikes that need some routine maintenance, and I wanted to gather opinions about the HUB bike shop or any other shops in the area. Based on price, quality, workmanship--stuff like that--do you have any recommendations? or, places to avoid? Where do you take your bike and why? Thanks for your input.
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Found: Driver's License

Does anybody here know Gabriel Marowitz? I found his Virginia driver's license in the street on 20th, behind frat row, as I was biking home from work today. I guess I can just mail it to the address that's printed on it, but I figured there was a chance someone here might know him.
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Stolen Bike

Sorry, I'm sure this isn't 'on topic enough' but hey, its a try ;)

My Grey GT X-Terra Mtn bike was stolen today. It has 24 gears, if you're way into bikes it might be visible that it has among the highest to smallest gear ratio you can get short of a road bike (44-11), it has broken front and back mudguards, and might or might not still have a lock wrapped around the handlebars (yes, it wasn't locked up when it was stolen).

I can provide the serial number if someone sees something locked up somewhere and wants to check - comment on this with a way to reach you.

Thanks for any help I can get. (This was stolen within half an hour or so of it being left unattended, so I'm seeing this as an impulse theft, with a moderate chance someone just dumped it somewhere - thus the optmism ;) I have, obviously, already filed a police report and talked to recycled cycles - if anyone has any other ideas, do tell).

Thanks again for help!, Sorry if this is too off topic ;)
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