June 14th, 2005

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anyone?? Summer qtr and the IMA

OK, I'm just a tad confused in regards to summer qtr and the IMA. I should know, but I dont.. My situation: I'll be starting work again at the Hutch pool June 20 (start of summer qtr), but I won't be a student during summer qtr. Since I am an employee, do I still need to buy an IMA summer qtr membership in order to use the facility?? Also, Summer qtr doesn't *technically* start til June 20? So technically this is still the end of spring qtr, right? Which means that I can still use my spring qtr enrollment to go to the IMA at least til June 20, but can I use my UPASS all through the month of June or just until June 20...?? thnx! I've got my own ideas, but just wanted to throw this out there

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OK, this is going to be a two-part question. I looked through the memories section, but couldn't find anything quite answering my questions.

First, I'm doing summer quarter this summer. I had about $650 left on my A La Carte account at the end of spring quarter (well, when I finished the quarter); will that transfer over to my summer quarter A La Carte, will I get that back, or do I lose it to HFS? I wouldn't mind having the extra money on my card.

Second, did anyone else apply for a Dawg Daze Leader position? If so, have you heard back from them yet?

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more freshman questions! (re: psych 101)


I took AP Psychology junior year and passed it with a 5. I also intend on double majoring, with one of those majors being Psychology. Is it recommended that I retake Psych 101 to brush up or do you think skimming over a Psych 101 textbook and enrolling in Biopsych or Psych 209 would be enough? What have your experiences been like?

Also--how difficult is Ling 200 typically?

Thanks :)

final transcripts

Hello. I'm planning to go to UW this coming fall and I'm enrolled in an early fall start class, but right now I think I am failing my physics class in high school. When I applied to UW I thought I was going to drop physics, so I didn't bother putting it on my second semester transcript for senior year, but for some unknown reason I decided to take it. I know I have to send in my final transcript soon, and it's really too late to raise my grade, and I was wondering if you guys think admissions will care? Should I prepare to be rejected or do second semester senior year classes even matter? I'm scared to death about this. Thanks.
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