June 13th, 2005


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I'm doing a study on fake IDs among underage students at uw. If you either have (or previously had) a fake ID or know someone who does, would you please comment (or send email to dreder1ck at hotmail) so that I can talk to you about this important issue?


Summer Advising

Ok, so my summer advising date is June 20-21, which is in a week, and I still haven't received any information other than that.

Is there something I'm missing out on, like, maybe an agenda perhaps? Coming from out of state I need to find this stuff out as soon as I can, since I can't just waltz to the campus in 5 minutes if I find out it started earlier than I expected.

Also, I'm taking a placement test and have no idea when that starts, so yah, confusion is pretty fun.

Any Help?

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Awesome U-District Room To Rent

Hi there - some of you may get a strange sense of deja vu on reading this announcement, as one very similar to it was posted on seattle only a couple of months ago (and it's crossposted there again now). I moved into the room and had a great time with my fantastic housemates, but I was only here on a working holiday from the UK and it's almost time to move on. So, without further ado, the only slightly doctored ad once again:

U-District Room, $395 per month, available July 1st or earlierCollapse )
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has anybody taken ARCH 460: Design Theory and Analysis? The professor is Dee, J and I'm just curious on what this class is about. I need an I&S credit and I'm sort of interested in Architecture (not enough to minor or anything in it though). Can anybody tell me if this class if very time consuming/pointless/enlightening? Thanks in advance.