June 12th, 2005

stat 311 book edition

SO I was trying to buy a book online, but then I dunno what edition that is!! The webpage just showed it as: "minds on statistics"... I tried to search it online, but I found two books with the same name, but the covers are different.. one is blue, one is gray.. Does anyone know which one they're using? I didn't have time to go check at the bookstore cuz I actually still have one more final coming up (since i'm taking 1 class at college..) Can anybody help me? >_

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Two questions:

How long after moving permanently out of the dorms does it take for HFS to give the $300 deposit back?

Also, how long until we get back excess dining account funds? I know if we're signed up for direct deposit, they will automatically deposit it at some point. But when?

$570 - Room for Rent!

I have a room to sublet July 1-Sept 30th with option to sign a lease past 9/30. Large bedroom in huge quiet mansion in Madrona. Live with other females. Please be female, in your 20s. Rent includes utilities as well as high speed wireless internet (2 computers for use if you dont have your own), printer/fax machine, On demand digital cable, dishwasher, dishwashing detergent, sponges, pots and pans/dishes/silverware if you dont have your own, washer/dryer in basement not coin operated, laundry detergent, dryer sheets. Exercise Room with treadmill, exercise bike, and weights. 4 bathrooms. 4 stories. 3 televisions, one is 60" screen. tons of videos. on buslines 2,3,8. walking distance to 48. across street from madrona business district with restuarants like the hi-spot, cafe soleil, and cafe verite/cupcake royale. 5 min bus ride to SU/SCCC/Broadway, 10 min to downtown, 15 min to UDistrict. unzoned street parking. parking lot across from mansion available, as well. Backyard with BBQ, swinging bench, front porch with nice table and chairs and another swinging bench. Live in maid and maintenance person who takes out the garbage and keeps the place clean. Nice landlords who are easy to get ahold of. This place is perfect if you're new to Seattle or in transition between places. Ideal for college grads who dont want to live at home anymore, but aren't ready to take on the full responsibility that living alone entails. If you're interested or know someone who is, please provide me with your email and I'll email you back. I dont feel comfortable posting my phone/email on here. serious inquiries only!