June 10th, 2005

19” CRT monitor for free!

19” CRT monitor for free!

I’m moving out of my apartment tomorrow and need to unload my old computer monitor. It is about six years old, but still works pretty well and hey, it’s free!

You’d need to be able to pick it up before 1:00pm on Friday June 10 from my apartment by U-Village.

If you’re interested post your email address and I’ll email you and work out the details.

summer jobs

Does anyone know of any job openings for the summer near the U-district, or anywhere in Seattle, really. I have reliable transportation. I decided to a class summer quarter at last minute, and now I need to support myself up here. Any tips would be appriciated.
la paz

worries, worries

this week i found out i have diabetes, and i was wondering about any experiences anybody has with diabetes and the UW, like with food or scheduling, or just any advice you could offer about the disease and how it works with college life. i'm kind of afraid that these two exceedingly new experiences will sort of kill me :/ thank you for anything you can enlighten me with.
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