June 9th, 2005

Crazy post of joy

I just have to say....I am done...FOREVER!!!!!!

Last final today, graduate Saturday...I know all of you seniors feel the same way that I do.
As for the rest of you, hope you don't object to my joy, and if you do, I don't really care because I am DONE! AHAHA!
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A shout-out to all of you History Majors/Minors out there:

I'm looking into taking HSTAA 212 - "The Military History of the United States" with Randolph Y. Hennes. I was wondering if anybody out there in LJ-space has taken this class/this professor before and could tell me whether he is interesting and (a bit more importantly) an easy grader?


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So, has anyone taken the UW Extension's course offerings in Epidemiological Research (ERIC 507/508/509 etc.)? I'm very much interested in the Epidemiology graduate program and I am considering taking a few of the course offerings in order to enhance my research skills and thus my candidacy to the program. If anyone here has taken any of these or is a EPI student, let me know. I'd love to pick your brain about the program/research. -N